Who Are We?

Well what is there to say, we are three guys that LOVE CARS.

Actually We Love Driving Cars!

There are lots of people who love cars and we do too, but we really love driving them and comparing them two each other. Not just comparing looks and handling but those little differences like how switches on the dash work how comfortable is the pedal when you get stuck in traffic. There are many things that really make a car great, the problem is what things make it a great car for you. There have been many great cars that have been made with great parts but if they are terrible to drive and they will always fail.

Who are we really?

We are just 3 guys that want to drive, judge and criticize cars. We are not fanatical about just one or two brands. We have our favorites yes, but we understand that just because Ford made a great car in the 60’s, that does not mean they are great now. Times change companies change and the consumer changes so we try to focus on that. When we look at a car we look at how the consumer is going to use it, most people do not take their Hyundai I30 to a race track. So when we test the I30 we take it to a busy car park and drive it around the city.

Ok tell me what your names are and why I should listen to you?

Marcus, Jim and Nick. We are nobody’s and you don’t need to listen to us. We have normal jobs and are very normal people. But we have driven a lot of different cars in lots of different countries in lots of different weather conditions. I mean lots of cars! We are the guys you didn’t tip, last time you went on that fancy weekend away or that anniversary dinner, when you treated your self to a bit of luxury by leaving your car with a complete stranger. Yep. That’s right we are your valets. Image Via  SO? Well working as valets in different cities all around the world we have driven lots of cars. Now you might thinking, “but you just park it in a car park and that’s not driving” Well Yes and No. Working in restaurants sometimes you need to park quite far away and get though traffic quick and park very quick without crashing. In hotels we do drive around a lot and we do learn how to hand and move cars of all shapes and sizes very well. Plus we also have day jobs which are in Automotive. Marcus, Ex. car audio and performance, car sales. Plus driving skills drift competitions and super-sprints. Jim, Car sales for a very long time. For pretty much every brand under the sun. A couple of embarrassing track days under his belt. Nick, 17 year mechanic and a lot of drag racing and sprints, occasional attempts at drifting. Where do you get the cars? We are not big enough yet to be getting Ferrari’s for the weekend and don’t think that will be happening any time soon. Most of the cars we drive are from dealers plus if a friend has a car we will normally take it for a spin, we also you a lot of rental cars too, we love travelling so every time we need a rental car we make sure it is something different. Once we are bigger hopefully we will be able to get some press cars for longer and start making video reviews. We just like driving, if you don’t like our reviews or post don’t read them, if you do please share and like and subscribe because then we will keep going. Thank you people hope that was interesting enough for you.