2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Super  6 Speed Manuel Review

From the forgotten Italian car manufacture Alfa Romeo, comes the 2017 Giulietta and there is not too much to say. They have done so many things right with this car, but it still feels like it might struggle to covert people from their safe bets. There are many reasons why the Giulietta is a great choice for a sporty hatch back and this should be a good choice for so many people. But i think the people who are buying small hatches are looking for something more luxurious and a bit sharper, the front still looks like a bubble (Like the Mito) . The Giulietta is an amazing car and stands right next to the other luxury hatches. It just needs that sharp, smart, aggressive front.

The Interior

Amazing sporty luxurious and features, lots and lots of features. The Stereo fells like it needs to be a bit more modern, but saying that it is easy to use and works which is the thing that counts. The base model is comfy and feels well put together, but if you look at the Veloce model you will want that interior. It does feel a bit on the small side especially in the boot, but it makes you feel like your sitting inside a little supercar.

The Exterior

Apart from the front the Giulietta looks amazing, the back works so well it suits the little sports car that it is. The front is just ………….. (What do you think? tell us in the comments area.) The front bumper and grills look great and feels tough the smooth lines do make it look nice and elegant. But it is still a hot hatch shouldn’t it look HOT, The Guila looks eval, elegant, luxurious, sporty and just awesome, just get the headlights off the Guilia and put it on this. Still not a fan of the handles on the rear doors it just doesn’t feel natural to use, it does make the side look smoother.

The Drive

After the selespeed dramas, I was a bit nervous trying the Auto so I went for the manual which was so much fun it was great Alfa DNA switch changed the way it handles and well. You can tell it has that Alfa Romeo Italian racing passion behind it, this mixed with the modern day hot hatch it does put a smile on your face.

Why would you buy the Giulietta over the others?

Well you probably wont, it has so much to offer but I think if you don’t understand Alfa you’re not going to move from your safe bets. There is nothing wrong with the car it’s just not there for the price, people we get worried about resale etc and will go for the brands that have been successful in making hot hatches.

What Type of people are buy the Giulietta?

Alfa People or people who want to step out of their comfort zone. I have seen the type of girls that have been driving the Giulietta they all looked like they just came from the Milan fashion show. (Tell us if you agree in the comments below)

Do you think I am being to harsh? (comment below)


Still not sure if you want a Giulietta? Check out these videos.

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  • Starting From TBA


  • 5.5L/100km

  • 110Kw

  • 127g/km

  • Good

  • 3 Years / 150,000 km

    Standard Features

  • Bluetooth

  • 16" Alloys

  • Parking Aids

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