10 Hot 32 Ford Hot Rods

10 Hot 32 Ford hot rods

The 32 Ford is probably the main hot rod of all hot rods this car as been used to build some of the best looking hot rods, Here are 10 of the best 32 fords we have found. red hotrod 1932 ford coupe 3 window

1. Red hot 32, 3 Window hot rod 

With a 355 Chevy-350 turbo transmission, This Apple candy red 1932 3 window Ford is just a gem. Photo: Via 1932 ford hotrod 5 window

2. 32 Ford coupe, 

This flaming hot 1932 ford coupe would bring back a lot of drag racing memory’s for the old cats out there, the standard hot rod flames make this coupe look like a classic hot rod. Photo Via

Rodstar coupe 1932 ford hotrod

3. 1932 Rodster

I still argue that the 1932 roadster should be on the top 10 supercar list. Look at that car a lambos got nothing on that. Photo: via

Top10 ford 1932 hotrods black

4. Black 1932 award winner 

Gorgeous deep black 1932 dropped from perfect rims and a 502 big block. DAM! That’s why it was the The Goodguys 2012 Classic Instruments Street Rod of the Year Winner Photo Via silver long 32 ford

5. LONG 32 roadster

This super long 1932 roadster is an amazing demonstration on what can be done when you want something special. 600hp, The hood extended 12″, doors 10″, rear deck shortened 3 1/2″ and an amazing colour combo. Photo: Via

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