Best Drivers Roads

Best Drivers Roads

This is not the best driving roads but the best DRIVERS roads. There are plenty of great driving roads if you want to see them Click Here. But this list is for drivers that want a bit of a challenge these are roads that are not smooth perfect race track style roads and are definitely not forgiving. No room for error on these roads.

Tell us if you know of any good roads near you, we want to catalog them and give lists for each state. (Comment Below)

Deals Gap best driving road fast top ten

1. Deals Gap, aka “Tail of The Dragon”

Tennessee, USA  Route 129 Over 318 turns in the course of 11 miles and some of the best hairpins and left right banking around,  No driveways or intersections but no room for error with a very unforgiving forest on the edge of the road. Loads of Sunday drive/ ride Cruisers. Tree of Shame, where crashed motorcycle bits adorn the tree and dangle from its branches. This is a Very famous road people come from all over the world to drive it, which means it can be busy. YES COPS TOO. Our choice of car: Mitsubishi EVO 8 or any good 4WD with very little understeer and easy to correct oversteer GTR obviously would be great too. Photo: Via jebel Hafeet Mountain Road best driving road

2. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Abu Dhabi WOW WOW WOW 7.3 miles, 60 perfect corners, smooth tarmac and wide open. This very unknown beautiful highway looks amazing and leads too, nowhere. Well up the top is Palace that belonging to one of the royal family, so you have to imagine this is probably the driveway/private race track this is my new dream drive and hope to get there some day. This i believe is one of the 10 best drivers roads in the world but not as challenging as some of the others. What ever member of the royal family lives up there is a legend and must have some amazing cars. Car of choice : Any Supercar. Photo: Via nurburgring greatest roads in the world

3. Nurburgring Nordschleife

Germany  The most amazing thing you ever could do in your life, if you are a car guy and haven’t done 1 lap around Nordschleife you haven’t driven. Your first ever lap around here will scare the crap out of you and your arrogance of being the best driver in your club gets wiped when you in your Porshce GT3 gets overtaken by a season vet in a Miata(MX5). 12.93-mile  154 turns  24 euros No Cops Unforgiving and expensive when you crash and have to fix the wall. Busy with very good European drivers . Very hard to learn as you’re looking in your rear view for the faster guys coming up on you all the time ”and they will” Our car of choice : Nissan Skyline R35 or even R32 GTR Photo: Via Touge japan top ten best roads to drive

4. Touge Roads Japan

Any of the 100 of Mount passes in Japan, These twisting passes “Touge“ are the birthplace of drifting. Up or down these amazing smooth then not so smooth roads will give you one of the best experiences of your driving life. Make sure you check your brakes you’ll need them going down. Drifting main form of motorsport. Japanese cops you don’t really want to meet. “highly illegal” Car of choice : Hachiroku Toyota AE86 Photo: Via stelvio-pass- top ten best roads

5. Stelvio Pass

Italy The Stelvio Pass has 48 switchbacks “hairpin sort of turns”, up in the Italian Alps this 15 miles of Beautiful road will make your brakes hot, your tyres sticky and your paint scared, as you come dangerously close to unforgiving stone walls. Problems: cyclists, Stone walls Our Down hill car of choice : Volvo C30 Polestar Our up Hill car of Choice : Porsche GT2 RS “ Ha ha ha” Photo: Via

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