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Sexy 2 Doors

Sexy 2 Doors

OK, These are mostly older why because they i have proven that they still look sexy years after they were made. New 2 doors seem to look old and out dated within months.

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1. 1963 Aston martin Db5

Bond, James Bond, This is probably the most well-known bond car and the reason why is because look at it.. it’s amazing. If you want the bond spec one make sure you have about 5mil handy. Photo: Via

2. AC Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

The mix of muscle and sexy sleek body the 427 Shelby cobra is without a doubt one of the sexiest muscle cars ever built. Photo: Via

3. Chevrolet 1963 Corvette Stingray

I personally think the original stingray is the best looking out of them all, but it looked a bit soft and feminine. But the 1963 corvette stingray convertible has to be in the sexiest cars because it’s not aggressive and musically like later models.  The lines on the 63 are what set the tone for the later models they just made them more raw. Photo: Via

4. Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK ‘Trossi’

“WTF”. Is the best way to describe the 710 SSK Trossi. WTF was he thinking how did Ferdinand Porsche build this then a couple of years later design the VW beetle. The SSK is a work of art. As much as i disagree with the fact some cars should be put in storage and not driven this is one of the exceptions this car should be the center piece on your dinning table. Photo: Via

5. 1967 Shelby GT500

This car has made a lot of old fans turn in to haters because of it going main stream as Eleanor in Gone in 60 Second (Dam auto-hipsters) But the movie made lots of people notice its classic beauty. I think everyone can agree, even if you don’t think the GT500 is sexy, there is a Mustang you think is, maybe a convertible etc… Photo: Via

6. 1973 Datsun 240z

The start of Nissan’s amazing sports car line up and they couldn’t have started with a better looking car. Photo: Via

7. 1969 BMW E9 Coupe CSI

Think about all the 2 door muscle cars that came out in 69. Then you look at the E9 Coupe could you think of a more classy then the E9 at that time. The 1969 Mercedes 280sl gets close but the hard top just looks a bit odd. Photo: Via

8. Lotus Elise S

Great small car has a lot of sex appeal due to its size, you know its going to be a fun drive either way. Photo: Via

9. MG Midget’s

These MG’s are Great looking cars plus they came in very stylish trims and colour combo’s. This is definitely a sexy if you’re a hipster but if you are a car person maybe it just dull and boring. Bit it’s thrown in this list for any hipsters reading. Photo: Via

10. Audi R8

I know there are a lot of sexy supercars, but they are supercars they are meant to be sexy.  The Audi R8 is in my opinion is not a supercar it’s just a really expensive sports car. A great car but just to common to be a supercar. As a valet when an R8 pulled up girls would like the look of it more than any of the other cars in the driveway.

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