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Top 10 Billionaires in beaters

Top 10 Billionaires in beaters

If you had a million dollars what car would you buy, is a very common question. But the question if you had a BILLION DOLLARS what car would you buy never comes up WHY? Because if you had a billion dollars you can buy what ever the hell you want. The next 10 people show how boring they are, well when it comes to taste in cars. This is probably how they made their riches, by being cheap and boring. But now their rich beyond your wildest dreams they still stick to their boring cheap ass ways. Most make comments like “why do i need a car worth millions of dollars” OK “WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED A BILLION OF DOLLARS THEN”

audi-r8-billionaires in beaters

1. Phil Knight

Car: Audi R8 $120,000 Ok not a beater by any means but when you have a net worth of US$14.4 Billion, Come on you could do a little better. He is the 47th richest person in the world and the 19th richest American. He is the chairman and co-founder of Nike, Photo: Via

audi-r8-billionaires in beaters 2 r8

2. Michael Bloomberg

Car: Audi R8 $120,000 I see a trend here i think the car of choice if you want to look like a billionaire is the Audi R8 With a net worth of $27 billion, he is also the 7th-richest person in the United States and couldn’t get more exciting in his choice of cars. Photo: Via

2002-Porsche-Boxster-Yellow-Billionaires in beaters

3. Michael Dell

Car: 2004 Porsche Boxter $80,000. Yes you guessed it he owns Dell yep look again at your apple logo that’s why he doesn’t have the Porsche GT, Net worth down to only 14.6 billion a $80,000 hair dresses car is a smart choice. Coming from Texas Why does he not have a big ford or something? Photo: Via

Warren Buffett drives Cadillac DTS Billionaires in beaters

4. Warren Buffett

Car: Hail Damaged Cars $1,000-$40,000 Warren Buffett the 53.5 billion dollar man. He is widely considered the most successful investor of the 20th century. He has been known to buy hail damaged cars because they are cheaper. Because you need to watch every penny when you have 53 billion. I think Warren Buffett is an amazing person and is more than happy with everything his got. But if he is not using that money to make the most out of his only life and experience everything life have to offer. Like maybe a Bugatti Veyron wants the point. Anyway he drives a Cadillac DTS maybe $40,000 worth. Good that he is buying American. Photo: Via

Francois-Henri Pinault drives lexus Billionaire in beater

5. Francois-Henri Pinault

Car: Lexus RX $40,000 Wife Salma Hayek, Car boring ass Lexus. Your French living in the states driving a Japanese car WTF and your worth Billions of dollars come on. Anything but Lexus. Photo: Via

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