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Valet Confessions

By on February 17, 2015

Valets in supercars

Valet Confessions – What we think about you and your car

So my time as a Valet is done, no more running up and down stairs, no more going back down stairs to get your phone you left in the car, no more sticky, stinky and dirty cars and no more tool owners.

Being a Valet is not driving supercars all day, most of the cars I drove were the boring cars you see every day.

After parking over 60-100 cars a day and having a short chat with owners. I have built up a big list of personalities for different makes and models, which nationalities are the rudest and cheapest and what cars are the filthiest.

Being a massive car enthusiast I thought I would share my studies of personalities of different people and what they drive. I will tell you what nice people drive, I will tell you what cheap skates drive and what car is the biggest TOOL car. Plus what’s my favorite.

I’m not a writer so please take it easy on me with spelling and grammar mistakes, but share your comments and experiences below.

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