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Valet Confessions

By on February 17, 2015

Valets doing burnouts in cars

Valet Confessions – Will The Valet Thrash My Car?

Before we get in the makes and models. Some quick Q & A.

jaguar doing burnout in car park valet


Will the Valet thrash my car? NO. But we want to, we are generally driving around a car park that has guests,  managers and other members of the public walking around. We are wearing a valet vest if people see a valet speeding the first this they do is complain which means we are out of a job. So NO. If we could yes we would to 50% of cars. Not because it’s a nicer car than we own, but because 50% of you are dicks.


ferrari crash by valet


Will the Valet scratch my car because they can’t drive? You’re an idiot. We drive cars for a living we can drive and park any car better then you. If you think the valet has scratched your car ask how long they have worked as a valetm if it is over 2 months they didn’t do it. Every new valet accidently scratches a car it is sad and embarrassing, but good because it makes them not take risks and it never happens again. Also with CTV cameras everywhere there is no point for a valet to lie because if they don’t admit doing damage and get caught on camera they lose their job. If they say they did it they keep their job and do about 2 minutes of paper work and never hear about it again. These companies have great insurance.


push to start valet drivers


Will they know how to drive my car? (Because you don’t need the key to start it) We drive cars for a living and 90% of new cars are push button start so yes we know how to start your dodge dart or ford focus because we drive 50 a day. The only time you need to advise us on how to drive your car is when you don’t have brakes because you can’t afford new ones. Yes People be scared I have driven way to many cars that are not safe for the roads it’s scary. Most with very little brakes.


tipping valets


Should I tip the valet? YES you are giving your second biggest asset to some random. YES tip every time you talk to a valet. This is not like other service industries you’re not tipping because of great service. You are tipping so you get great service if you pre-tip. Your car is getting a nice big spot so know one can scratch it and close so it’s quicker to get when you need it.


empty car park waiting for valet


Why does it sometimes take forever for the valet to get my car? Read above.


valet ticket


Is it a big deal if I lose my ticket? Yes walking up and asking for a white Honda does not help us your car is not the only one in the car park. Hotels with valet can have over 200 cars on the board so now we have to go thought 200 cars to find yours. This also relates to question above. Also if a thief finds your ticket they could potentially take your car, that ticket is now the keys to your car would you leave the keys to your car just laying around?


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