Dull And Boring People Driving Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type Promo

Jaguar USA has done a great new promo for the F-Type, by letting two ladies from a town called Dull which is in Scotland and two guys from a town called Boring in Oregon, USA a chance to drive the beautiful F-Type. So what happens when you put two Dull ladies in a F-Type? Well lets say it’s not dull that’s for sure, from the minute they start the F-Type up and hear that beautiful rumble, it’s screams and excitement. Then once they find the button for the Active Sports Exhaust which makes the car even louder, it’s on again. Plus those Scottish accents are just awesome. The two boys from Boring Oregon have a lot of fun too with the same screams a yells as the girls. I think this is a great promo to try to get the jaguar brand away from the boring old English man, ever since Tata took over Jaguar in 2008 the range has just been amazing. Now jaguar is not for the boring old English man it’s for everyone.

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