6+ Million Dollar LaFerrari Aperta Smoking Up Budapest

Massive Burnouts from LaFerrari Aperta

Josh Cartu and Afrojack  ripping massive donuts in the middle of a street in Budapest, In the super rare LaFerrari Aperta. They were in Budapest with the 2017 Gumball 3000 when they decided to go nuts by ripping some nuts with police and a massive crowd watching on. It is just insane to see a car that is worth more then most people will earn in a life time doing this, but I dont really mind I look at many cars as a work of art but don’t think they should be hung on a wall. These cars were built to do this (well sort of this), the engineering is a work of art but I think that it needs to be proven. Let us know what you think below. Should these cars be driven like this or should they just sit in a show room for people to admire?

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