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The world’s first social network for all drivers. Drivesome is an easy-to-use platform that provides knowledge, reviews, support, advice, and amazing rewards for drivers all over the world.


The problem

Too much information. Car enthusiasts are great at providing support and information to other car enthusiasts. Go to any automotive forum and there is more info than any Haynes manual can provide.

But the problem is, it is not organised and too much false information. 


The solution

We have the technology it is just not being used. Using algorithms and basic AI we can provide whatever information you need. Whether your question is "What rims look best on my new Hyundai i30?" or "What are the torque specs on RB20det head bolts?"

Drivesome will find the answer.


Be rewarded for your knowledge. 

You might ask how Drivesome will have the answers. Users that provide valid content and engagement on Drivesome will receive points. These points can then be used to enter competitions, buy products or convert them to Drivesome Tokens (DST) to sell for cash.


Daily Comps

We will run daily competitions, these competitions will be localized and adhere to local regulations. 


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