What Are Little Drivers?

Little Drivers are a limited and fun collection of 10,000 NFTs. Owning a Little Driver NFT upgrades your Drivesome profile and grants access to fantastic on and off-platform bonuses, rewards, and opportunities.


Only ever 10,000

There will only ever be 10,000 Little Drivers released, Drivesome may release other NFT projects in the future but none will hold the same benefits as Little Drivers.


A car lover's dream

Drivesome was designed by car lovers so the Little Driver benefits are things they have dreamt about doing. Ever dreamt about driving a Lambo to Cars and Coffee you might get the opportunity to.


A long list of benefits

There are too many benefits to list here but we will run over the most attractive.

  • IRL (in real life) Events - We will host our own events plus have events supporting our industry. From Little Driver go-kart days to a Drivesome Box at a race event.
  • Staking Rewards - When Little Drivers stake their NFTs on Drivesome they receive 20 Drivesome Tokens a day for every 24hrs they are staked.
  • 10% more points for content and engagement on Drivesome.
  • Opportunities if you become an Active Little Driver we will provide unique and rare opportunities.
  • Little Driver exclusive giveaways
  • Discounts on Drivesome and Brand Partners goods.
  • Early access for all future Drivesome upgrades, NFT releases and metaverse.
  • Access to the Drivesome Drivers Club an exclusive area for DS Team, influencers, sponsored drivers and NFT holders.


Active ambassador

There are two options for Little Drivers to be active or non-active members. When you set your Little Driver to active and this means you are open to being a Drivesome ambassador. This means we will actively look for events for you to go to. Some fully paid!

What type of events?

  • Cars shows
  • Car races
  • Rallies (bullrun, modball)
  • Cars & Coffee
  • Private track days and testing

Drivesome is an automotive platform we need the brand to be seen at these events. We decided the best marketing is funding our Little Drivers to show up to the events in a cool car and decked out in Drivesome gear.


Learn More and Mint Your Little Driver Here


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