Drivesome Founders Club

What is the Founders Club?

A hand picked group of 1000 car gurus, lovers and influencers. 

The Founders Club is a non-purchasable membership for a carefully selected group of automotive experts.

Once accepted to be a part of the Founders Club you will be labelled as a founding member forever and receive an opportunity to receive shares in Drivesome for free. Plus receive great on and off-platform perks, plus the potential to receive future dividend returns.

Founders Club FAQ

How do I get invited?

Marcus Newark the founder of Drivesome has hand-picked 1000 people to join the Founders Club. These are not just people with large followings, these are people that might be heavily involved in automotive, like local car club members, people he has noticed helping car enthusiasts on other platforms or just interesting car people he believes have not had a platform that highlights their efforts.

If you believe you would make a great founding member reach out send us an email at [email protected], or on Twitter.

What does the Founders Club cost? 

Nothing, we just ask you to do what you do now but on Drivesome as well.

How do I get accepted?

To be accepted into the Founders Club you will need to post, comment, and get involved. If you love cars this should be really easy. 

We have set up a basic guide to qualify. 10 logins, 10 posts over 10 different days for the first 6 months.
Content must be helpful and constructive. We have the right to deny membership approval if we do not feel you have contributed useful content. 

What is the point of the Founders Club?

The first 6 months of Drivesome are key to cementing Drivesome as the one and only automotive social network. We calculated if we have 250 passionate supporters from day one we will be able to hit our growth milestones. If we have 1000 we will dominate the space. 

Why should I get involved?

This provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a selected few to share in the future of an automotive social network built for car enthusiasts. 

What happens if I do not get involved?

Nothing. 3 months after the Beta launch if a provisional member has not been involved, we will remove them.

We will re-offer the cancelled provisional memberships to other influencers who did not make the first invitation round. 

By launch the Provisional Founders Club entries will close and no more offers will be made.

What to learn more about Drivesome and the Founders Club in the Whitepaper.

Connect and collaborate

We hope the Founders Club turns into a social club as well. We will set up different events for club members to meet up hang out, test cars, talk cars and collaborate to support each other’s growth. 

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This document or any part of it does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any type or nature and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. This is an invitation to apply for membership in The Founders Club which holds 10% equity in the Drivesome Group. Memberships will become active no earlier than the 1st of October when if accepted you will be officially named as a founding member and will receive a prospectus and share offering. Please read the full terms and conditions at Drivesome Whitepaper